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Another Certificate Authority Compromised: No Fake SSL Certificates Issued

The fifth certificate authority to be hacked this year, StartSSL has suspended issuing its free SSL certificates indefinitely.

StartSSL, a certification authority offering free SSL Certificates, was compromised by unknown attackers earlier this month. The company has suspended issuing security certificates for Websites as a "defensive measure."

Attackers hit StartSSL on June 15, and the company suspended issuing SSL certificates indefinitely, according to a short statement on the site. Secure Sockets Layer is used by Websites around the world as a trust mechanism to convince the Web browser the site the user is accessing is the authentic version and not a counterfeit one. Certificates that have already been issued to customers were not compromised, and visitors to those sites are not affected, according to the statement.

Unlike the attacks on Comodo and other certificate authorities, these attackers did not gain enough access to issue valid certificates for arbitrary domains to themselves, StartSSL said. The attackers were also unsuccessful in generating an intermediate certificate that would allow them to act as their own certificate authority, The Register reported.

"Due to a security breach that occurred at the 15th of June, issuance of digital certificates and related services has been suspended. Our services will remain offline until further notice," StartSSL said.
It's not clear what the attackers were able to access, nor what it means for the company's ability to continue issuing certificates in the future.

"Our services will be gradually reinstated as the situation allows," the company said on the site. The message was still on the site as of June 22.

The company stressed that existing certificates were not compromised. More than 25,000 Websites use certificates issued by StartSSL, according to Paul Mutton, a security researcher with British security firm Netcraft.

StartSSL offers one-year free domain validated SSL certificates as well as other organization and extended validation certificates. AffirmTrust offers three-year domain validated SSL certificates for free.

The StartSSL attack follows earlier attacks on other certificate authorities and is the fifth one this year. Root certificate authority Comodo was compromised in March when an attacker breached a reseller's system and received several valid certificates for major domains. SSL Certificates for seven addresses were forged, including Google mail,,,, and Microsoft's

Comodo detected the problem almost immediately and revoked the certificates before they could be used. Microsoft, Mozilla and Google pushed out updates to blacklist those certificates, but it still took a few days. Apple took much longer to update Safari.

StartSSL certificates are accepted by default by most major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once a certificate authority's root certificate is included within a browser, it can validate hundreds of thousands of individual Websites, making it impractical to remove the compromised authority from the browser entirely.

The attackers were after valid certificates for a list of Websites similar to those targeted by the Comodo attacker, Eddy Nigg, CTO and COO of StartSSL's parent company StartCom, told The Register. The attack did not succeed because the authority's private encryption key was stored on a computer that isn't connected to the Internet, Nigg said.

The incident highlighted the lack of security in the worldwide certificate authority structure. There were too many authorities and the system was not being implemented as designed, James Lyne, director of technology strategy at Sophos, told eWEEK. SSL no longer provides meaningful security, since users can just ignore the warning that a site has an invalid certificate and proceed to a Website, Lyne said.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

TheSSLstore Launches WHMCS Integration

St. Petersburg, FL – June 29, 2011 – The SSL Store (, one of the largest SSL certificate providers globally, today announced the launch of the WHMCS Integration.

The WHMCS plug-in is being made available through theSSLstore API allowing hosting companies and resellers the most efficient and effective way to employ SSL security to their customers. WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. WHMCS handles everything from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning & management. With WHMCS, you're in control with a very powerful business automation tool.

TheSSLstore Launches WHMCS Integration

Started back in 2005, WHMCS was the first system to combine billing and support into a single package. Since then, they've come a long way in both aspects and today are one of the most popular billing & support solutions amongst web hosts. No longer limited to just web hosts, WHMCS continues to grow and increase its strength. “We are incredibly excited with this addition to theSSLstore’s offerings. We have had a tremendous amount of requests for WHMCS and are delighted we can now satisfy these requests. ” says The SSL Store CEO, John Tuncer.”To celebrate this momentous occasion we are offering all new and existing resellers special incentives. Visit  to learn more.”  added Mr. Tuncer. 

About theSSLstore

The SSL Store is one of the foremost providers of SSL security certificates globally. One of the most successful Platinum Partners with VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL, our business is focused specifically on SSL and related security products. This allows us to be experts in the field. The SSL Store, part of a family of security related e-commerce sites, is a subsidiary of Rapid Web Services, LLC. The company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has additional offices in Turkey and India. Rapid Web Services is a Titanium Member of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce; and our CEO, John Tuncer, has held a position as its Vice Chairman.

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SSL Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wildcard certificate?

Security Risk:

Use of Wildcard SSL Certificates is strongly discouraged for most use cases. If possible try to make use of other certificate types such as multi-domain certificates. When you deploy a wildcard certificate and private key across multiple websites and servers, a single site compromise will result in the compromise of the entire sub domain. Also note that not all applications are compatible with wildcard certificates. In particular, many mobile applications will not work with wildcards.

Wildcard Certificates secure multiple subdomains with a single SSL Certificate. For example, you want to secure, and, you can use a wildcard certificate to secure all 3 sub domains under *

There is a limitation on the way wildcard certificates work. This goes across the board for all Certificate Authorities. Wildcard certificates only support one level up in the fully qualified domain name.
For example, if we create a certificate for the common name of *, will work; will not work. will not work either.

When generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for a Wildcard certificate, add an asterisk (*) to the left of the Common Name where you want to specify the wildcard.

What is multiple domain SSL certificate?

Multi domain certificate makes it possible to secure up to 100 domains on the same server with a single certificate. It is best for shared hosting environment. It must be reissued each time you want to add a new host/domain name to the certificate.

When generating a CSR for multiple domain certificate, enter the primary domain name in common name field. Let us know the rest of domain names you want to be included in the certificate.

What is Unified Communications Certificates?

Unified Communications Certificate is multi domain certificate specifically designed for use with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications servers.

What is Extended Validation Certificates?

Extended Validation EV SSL Certificates are the next generation SSL certificate because they work with high security Web browsers to clearly identify a Website's organizational identity. For example, if you use Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.0 or Opera 9.5 the address bar will turn green to identity this site as having an EV SSL certificate. A display next to the URL will toggle between the organization name and the certificate and the Certificate Authority that issued the SSL Certificate. The green bar means that a third party has validated the legitimacy of the business, the business' right to use the domain name, and the High- Assurance SSL Certificate was legitimately obtained.

Generating a CSR for EV certificate is the same as generating the CSR for a single domain SSL certificate.

Can I get a certificate for a host in a none domain?

Yes - as long as Cornell owns the domain. Send your request to Identity Management support.
To ensure the university's compliance with the InCommon agreement, requests for certificates outside of domains are subject to extra vetting and approval, by both the university and InCommon. To begin your request, send email to requesting the domain to be added, and IDM SSL admin will initiate the process of validating your domain with InCommon. After the domain is validated, you can then request a certificate for a host in that domain through normal channel.

Way to install SSL certificates safely

SSL Certificates are a way to ensure that your online information is all safe and protected. But you should carefully select the certificate and install it for your online business so that it functions efficiently.
Secure Sockets Layer or SSL Certificates are crucial to install when it comes to securing the online information on Internet. Today, all the reputable websites use these certificates to encrypt all bank details or personal details or from browser to server. This is done to ensure protection to all online purchases. However, as there are a variety of SSL Certificates, depending on the prices and your requirement of security, you should install them carefully

Know that each institution has its own security requirements. So, first assess your requirements and check them with your bank in case you accept credit cards and payments on Internet. At the time of choosing a secured SSL for your online business, do some research and know about different types of SSL. You should have the knowledge and distinct features ofdedicated SSL, shared SSL, SL encryption, Wildcard SSL and free SSL certificates. This way you can have more useful certificate.
There is always the requirement of a dedicated or unique IP address belonging to your company. This is because the SSL certificate should not be put on a shared IP address. There are very rare situations when the certificate is shared by two IP addresses
Another requirement is that you have to make a Certificate Signing Request or CSR. This you can do through your server control panel. This is also important to do if you are having such a certificate for the first time.
In order to install the secured SSL, there are some steps that you have to follow if you want to make the installing process easy and safe. First of all you should log on to your server. Then, next step is to generate a key in case you are applying for the certificate for the first time. Make sure that you include the http://www.homepage in your domain name.
Then, generate Certificate Signing Request. When you are given a choice, select with a www as it is most appropriate selection. You will be then asked some questions by the server. The CSR will be on display or emailed to you. You can copy the CSR on a notepad. This is done to copy all the random characters from beginning to end of the certificate request.
As a next step in installing of SSL certificate, you have to past the CSR on the field containing your and the vendor’s contact details. Select also an email address so that the signing authority can communicate with you through the address.
After the certificate is finally approved you will receive an email that looks a lot like a larger request form. You can then instantly install the certificate after pasting it on a field in the server. However, if you choose to upload the certificate from a text file, in that case the server will install the certificate.
If you follow these steps carefully, you are able to easily and safely install SSL certificate without any hurdles and problems. In case, you still find it harder to install and fail to do so, contact the service administration team to take the help.

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Equipped with a full spectrum of SSL certificate options, offers world-class SSL Certificates with a fast turnaround at an affordable price. Comodo SSL Certificates support 128/256 bit encryption levels and are signed with 2048-bit algorithms in accordance with United States NIST recommendations (

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Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, is one of the largest global providers of Comodo SSL certificates. As a platinum partner for Comodo, we offer the lowest Comodo prices available, guaranteed. We buy SSL certificates in large quantities and pass the savings on to you. To learn more about Comodo SSL Certificates, visit, where you can get your SSL Security Certificate and enroll in our $10,000 warranty program.

ComodoSSLstore offers COMODO Code Signing Certificate at $99/year and save $80.00 Flat

As COMODO is one of the largest global supplier of SSL certificates, of comodo reseller offer Code Signing SSL certificate for security solution with lowest prices worldwide. The Code signing (digital signature) certificate authenticate your software with a public key encryption.

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It is strongly recommended for each publisher intends to use the code or other content on the Internet or corporate networks to spread to have a code signing certificate. Software and other content providers who provide additional security to their clients and produces content should make sure that content not be changed or modified nor the signature. ComodoSSLstore offers lowest price COMODO SSL Code Signing certificate for the security of such vendors. One can buy or renew their code signing certificate with Comodo 

code signing certificate which is offered just for $ 99/year.

Code Signing Certificates
Comodo price: $179.95
ComodoSSLstore price: $99.00

This is huge amount of saving, isn’t it?
Publishers who distribute code or content on the Internet, risking their modified product or imitation again greeted by malicious third parties. With a Comodo Code Signing Certificate allows developers to digitally sign their software before distributing them over the Internet to protect end-users to download the software is original and has not been modified by someone else.

Why Comodo Code Signing Certificate?

Customer Confidence
Code signing certificate insure the integrity of the code that it has not been modified or edited that your customers download from your site.

After downloading, end users can be sure that the code they obtained really came from you, helping you preserve your business reputation and intellectual property. Digital ID's allow customers to identify the author of digitally signed code and contact them should an issue or query arise.

Seamless Integration with Industry-Standard Technology

A trusted Certificate Authority, such as COMODO insures that the code is signed and most of the browsers will not accept action commands from downloaded code.

Ease of Use
Code signing certificates are easy to use in conjunction with the vendor software tools that developers use to create products, macros and objects.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, A leader in Internet security solutions, offers affordable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, 24/7 support, and sophisticated e-commerce products that are easy-to-use. COMODO SSL Store provides SSL Certificates for multinational companies and top universities throughout the world, allowing them to encrypt communications and commerce over the Internet and to increase trust and transactions. If you would like to discuss a business opportunities and strategic partnership please contact us at or call (888) 481 5388.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Different Types Of Wildcard SSL Certificates

A Wildcard SSL Certificate helps enable SSL encryption on multiple sub-domains using a single certificate as long as the domains are controlled by the same organization and share the same second-level domain name. For example, a Wildcard certificate issued to Company ABC using the Common Name (“*”) may be used to secure the following domains:
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates allows you to secure unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name with a single certificate. RapidSSL Wildcard is low cost and easy to manage.

Features & Benefits:           
·         Unlimited Server Licenses - No Additional Charge.
·         Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL
·         Lowest cost, stable single root Wildcard available
·         99% browser recognition rate
·         Automated two step online validation - no paperwork
·         Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
·         Multi-year savings available - 1 to 5 year issuance
·         FREE "Secured by RapidSSL" site seal
·         Risk free: 7 day refund and reissue policy
·         Optional - Installation Support Available!
·         $10,000 warranty

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSL Certificate

True BusinessID Wildcard is the easy, affordable solution. True BusinessID Wildcard is an ideal solution if you need to secure multiple fully qualified domains that share the same base domain name and reside on the same physical server and share the same second level domain name.

Features & Benefits:
·         Unlimited Server Licenses - No Additional Charge.
·         Secure multiple sites on one physical machine
·         Full business validation
·         Enables 256-bit encryption
·         FREE lifetime, self-service reissues
·         Includes a True Site identity assurance Smart Seal - embedded organization name /date/time stamp
·         Compatible with 99%+ of all browsers
·         Single root certificate - means quick and easy install
·         AICPA WebTrust compliant
·         Optional - Installation Support Available!
·         $10k Warranty

Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard Certificate

Thawte SSL Webserver Wildcard is an easy, affordable solution if you need to secure multiple fully qualified domains that share the same base domain name, reside on the same physical server, and share the same second level domain name.

Features & Benefits:
·         Secure multiple sites on one physical machine
·         Full business validation
·         Enables 256-bit encryption
·         FREE lifetime, self-service reissues
·         Compatible with 99%+ of all browsers
·         Single root certificate means quick and easy installation
·         Optional installation support available

Comodo Introduces SSL Analyzer to Help Businesses Select Certificates

Comodo (, a leading Certificate Authority and Internet security organization, today announced the immediate availability of a Beta release of Comodo SSL Analyzer, a powerful e-commerce web site scanning tool which provides an instant summary of web server security levels

Online PR News – 25-June-2011 –JERSEY CITY, NJ, June 22, 2011 - Comodo (, a leading Certificate Authority and Internet security organization, today announced the immediate availability of a Beta release of Comodo SSL Analyzer, a powerful e-commerce web site scanning tool which provides an instant summary of web server security levels.

Free of charge, the Comodo SSL Certificate Analyzer provides consumers and web site owners with essential knowledge regarding the security level of any e-Business. After typing a domain name into the search box, the SSL Analyzer will visit the specified domain and present fast, comprehensive information about the SSL Certificate and web server software. This includes the validation level of the certificate, the strength of the digital signature and the number and type of enabled security protocols/cipher suites supported by the web server.

The SSL Analyzer highlights insecure elements that need immediate remediation in red. Green represents an adequate level of security and an amber color means there is a potential issue that should be evaluated by the web server administrator.

"Information is power, and the more information customers have about the level of their protection the better off they will be," said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect.
To access Comodo SSL Analyzer, go to:

About Comodo:-
Comodo® is a leading brand in Internet security. With US Headquarters in New Jersey and global resources in UK, China, India, Ukraine, and Romania, Comodo provides businesses and consumers worldwide with security and trust services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, and remote PC support. Securing online transactions for over 200,000 businesses, and with more than 35 million desktop security software installations, including an award-winning firewall and antivirus software, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. To learn more, visit Comodo's website:

For more information, reporters may contact:

Arvind Krishnamurthy
Comodo Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Office: +1 (888) 266-6361 

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SSL Certificate - Thawte SSL Web Server

Thawte SSL Web Server
  •         Encryption 128/256-bit
  •         Support of Unlimited Sites Quantity On WebServer
  •         Quick Issuance & Strict Verify
  •         High Compatibility
  •         Industry Standard 1024-bit

Certificate Thawte Wildcard SSL provides support of unlimited sites quantity on one web server. The certificate is the economic secure solution for Hosting Company.

Encryption 128/256-bit

Encryption 128-bit is developed both for protection of web sites, and for Intranets and VPN-networks protection. Thawte SSL Web Server supports 128/256-bit encryption, thus 256-bit encryption is supported by browser Firefox, and also Internet Explorer 7 in operating system Windows Vista.

Support of Unlimited Sites Quantity on Web Server

If you represent large company or a hosting-provider Thawte SSL Web Server benefits are obvious. By means of one certificate it is possible to provide security for unlimited number of the sites located on one web server.

Quick Issuance & Strict Verify

Due to the revolutionary possibilities of IdAuthority the procedure for obtaining the SSL Certificate Thawte SSL Web Server includes a two-step strict verify on the authenticity. As a result, you get a high degree of confidence to the site from potential Clients.

High Compatibility

Compatibility with popular browsers is a key argument choosing this SSL-provider. Certificate Thawte SSL Web Server is supported by all basic browsers. This certificate is trusted by 99,3 % of all world Internet audience.

Industry Standard 1024-bit

Certificate Thawte SSL Web Server corresponds to the 1024-bit industry standard. In this connection the certificate is compatible to all basic browsers that is a key argument in the SSL-provider choosing.

SSL Order SSL-Certificate Thawte Web Server SSL [At $ 103/year For 5 Yrs]

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SSL Certificates In VMware View Environments

An SSL certificate could be described as a data container that includes the identity of a computer, the public key and the digital signature of the publisher of the certificate. Certificates are used to confirm the authenticity of a website, or the the public key contained can be used to encrypt the connection between a client and a server.
Making no further action the View Server is using a self-signed certificate. When you open the website of the View Server it gives you a security warning back that states that the certificate comes from an untrusted source.
To use your own certificates that have been signed from a trusted Certification Authority (CA), you can use the keytool that comes with the view installation on the Connection Server. With this tool, you create a trust store on the View Server, where your certificates  can be integrated. Request a certificte from an authorized CA. This may be the CA of your company, or a third party such as thawte, VeriSign and GlobalSign. It is also possible to integrate already-signed certificates for your server. In the next section, you can read the entire process for requesting a certificate from the Microsoft Certification Authority. For certificates from other parties, please refer to their documentation.
Certificates are only used by Connection Servers which are having direct connections with the clients. If you are using the Security Server for connections the certificate is needed only by this server.
Companies that use the Active Directory as their directory service, also often use  the Microsoft Certification Authority for their security certificates. The following example explains the steps needed to apply for a certificate and then to integrate this in a VMware View Server. First, you must apply for a certificate from the CA. Use the Microsoft Internet Explorer on the View Server because only with this browser the import and export of the certificate works without problems. "Open the Internet Explorer and type the correct address of your certification server in the address bar."This should be <certificatesrevername.fqdn>/certsrv/.Replace the wildcard certificate server name with the computer name of the appropriate server and fqdn with the fully qualified DNS domain name. 

Apply for a certificate on the website and mark it as exportable. After the newly requested certificate has been approved you revisit the site with Microsoft Internet Explorer and install the issued certificate. The certificate will be stored in the local certificate store now and you can export it in a file from there. In Internet Explorer perform the following action.  Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options." This will open a window where you can change the properties and options of your Internet Explorer. 

»Select content from the tab and then click the button labeled Certificates. In the following dialog you have to select the certificate of your server and then export it to a directory on your hard disk. It is important that you export the certificate with the private key in the PFX file format. Name the certificate i.e. as server.pfx. After that you’ve to export the certificate for the CA of your company in the file format X509.

After a successful export of both security certificates, the trust store can be created. You have to use the keytool application. To use the application you should first adjust the environment variables on your computer so that the keytool can run without using long file paths. Open a Windows command line on the View server and type the following command:
set PATH =% PATH%,% Program Files% VMware \ VMware View \ Server \ jre \ bin \

Then switch the command prompt to the  directory where you’ve saved the certificates. Using the exported CA certificate in the keytool you’ll now generate the truststore. Replace <ca-alias name> by the name of the Certification Authority and <ca-certificate name.ce> by the real name of the CA certificate.
keytool-import-alias-file <ca-alias name> <ca-certificate name.ce>-keystore truststore

The newly created trust store and the PFX certificate must be copied to the subdirectory \sslgateway\conf in the program directory of the VMware Server View. If there is no file in the directory you’ve to create it as normal text file with Notepad. Otherwise, you open the existing file and modify it with the following parameters.

keyfile = server.pfx
keypass = <secret>
trustKeyfile = truststore
truststore type = JKS
useCertAuth = true

Please ensure that you’ve the correct password for the certificate in the keypass parameter. Afterwards the View Connection Server service must be restarted. This can be done via the Windows Services Manager. Check the Windows Event Log and the View server log files underc: \documents and settings\all users\application data\ vdm\logs for errors. If the View Connection Server service is not strating, there might be an issue with the certificate or password.

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