Thursday, 30 June 2011

Free SSL Certificates, Get Free SSL Certificate from

Free SSL Certificates is industry standard 128 / 256 bit SSL certificate. Free SSL certificates have browser recognition of around 99% including IE 5.01+, Netscape 4.7+ and Mozilla 1+ browsers and many other browsers. At a very special low price, Free SSL is an ideal solution for entry level websites. 
Domains Secured

Products specification:-

Issuance Speed:- Single Domain Name (FQDN)
Validation Method:- Immediate ***
Notification Level in Browsers:- Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only
Encryption Strength:- Up to 256-bit
Browser Compatibility:- 99%
Server License:- Yes
Reissue:- Single Server - Additional server licenses may be purchased

Features & Benefits:

Free SSL certificates offer you:-

·   Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL
·   The lowest cost install SSL certificate
·   99% browser recognition rate, no chained installation
·   Automated online validation - no paperwork
·   Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
·   Multi-year savings available - 1 to 5 year issuance


Free SSL Certificates are install certificates and are supported by all web servers, appliances and other software that support SSL v2 and SSL v3. This constitutes all known SSL enabled applications.

Free SSL Certificates are supported by any Servers which supports SSL v2 or v3 technology.

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