Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Way to install SSL certificates safely

SSL Certificates are a way to ensure that your online information is all safe and protected. But you should carefully select the certificate and install it for your online business so that it functions efficiently.
Secure Sockets Layer or SSL Certificates are crucial to install when it comes to securing the online information on Internet. Today, all the reputable websites use these certificates to encrypt all bank details or personal details or from browser to server. This is done to ensure protection to all online purchases. However, as there are a variety of SSL Certificates, depending on the prices and your requirement of security, you should install them carefully

Know that each institution has its own security requirements. So, first assess your requirements and check them with your bank in case you accept credit cards and payments on Internet. At the time of choosing a secured SSL for your online business, do some research and know about different types of SSL. You should have the knowledge and distinct features ofdedicated SSL, shared SSL, SL encryption, Wildcard SSL and free SSL certificates. This way you can have more useful certificate.
There is always the requirement of a dedicated or unique IP address belonging to your company. This is because the SSL certificate should not be put on a shared IP address. There are very rare situations when the certificate is shared by two IP addresses
Another requirement is that you have to make a Certificate Signing Request or CSR. This you can do through your server control panel. This is also important to do if you are having such a certificate for the first time.
In order to install the secured SSL, there are some steps that you have to follow if you want to make the installing process easy and safe. First of all you should log on to your server. Then, next step is to generate a key in case you are applying for the certificate for the first time. Make sure that you include the http://www.homepage in your domain name.
Then, generate Certificate Signing Request. When you are given a choice, select with a www as it is most appropriate selection. You will be then asked some questions by the server. The CSR will be on display or emailed to you. You can copy the CSR on a notepad. This is done to copy all the random characters from beginning to end of the certificate request.
As a next step in installing of SSL certificate, you have to past the CSR on the field containing your and the vendor’s contact details. Select also an email address so that the signing authority can communicate with you through the address.
After the certificate is finally approved you will receive an email that looks a lot like a larger request form. You can then instantly install the certificate after pasting it on a field in the server. However, if you choose to upload the certificate from a text file, in that case the server will install the certificate.
If you follow these steps carefully, you are able to easily and safely install SSL certificate without any hurdles and problems. In case, you still find it harder to install and fail to do so, contact the service administration team to take the help.

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