Monday, 27 June 2011

ComodoSSLstore offers COMODO Code Signing Certificate at $99/year and save $80.00 Flat

As COMODO is one of the largest global supplier of SSL certificates, of comodo reseller offer Code Signing SSL certificate for security solution with lowest prices worldwide. The Code signing (digital signature) certificate authenticate your software with a public key encryption.

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 –St. Petersburg, FL— is authorized Platinum Partner of Comodo SSL Certificate Authorities, SSL certificate to the Global Security Solution Provider. They are offering market price matches program and the best of Platinum Support of 24 / 7 hours by e-mail, live chat and phone. offer Comodo SSL certificates on very cheap price compared to Comodo (CA) and all other COMODO SSL Certificate Resellers worldwide. ComodoSSLstore believe in striving for electronic commerce and online business security and confidence at the lowest price, just as if you bought directly from Comodo, because they buy in large quantities and pass the savings to their customer.

It is strongly recommended for each publisher intends to use the code or other content on the Internet or corporate networks to spread to have a code signing certificate. Software and other content providers who provide additional security to their clients and produces content should make sure that content not be changed or modified nor the signature. ComodoSSLstore offers lowest price COMODO SSL Code Signing certificate for the security of such vendors. One can buy or renew their code signing certificate with Comodo 

code signing certificate which is offered just for $ 99/year.

Code Signing Certificates
Comodo price: $179.95
ComodoSSLstore price: $99.00

This is huge amount of saving, isn’t it?
Publishers who distribute code or content on the Internet, risking their modified product or imitation again greeted by malicious third parties. With a Comodo Code Signing Certificate allows developers to digitally sign their software before distributing them over the Internet to protect end-users to download the software is original and has not been modified by someone else.

Why Comodo Code Signing Certificate?

Customer Confidence
Code signing certificate insure the integrity of the code that it has not been modified or edited that your customers download from your site.

After downloading, end users can be sure that the code they obtained really came from you, helping you preserve your business reputation and intellectual property. Digital ID's allow customers to identify the author of digitally signed code and contact them should an issue or query arise.

Seamless Integration with Industry-Standard Technology

A trusted Certificate Authority, such as COMODO insures that the code is signed and most of the browsers will not accept action commands from downloaded code.

Ease of Use
Code signing certificates are easy to use in conjunction with the vendor software tools that developers use to create products, macros and objects.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, A leader in Internet security solutions, offers affordable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, 24/7 support, and sophisticated e-commerce products that are easy-to-use. COMODO SSL Store provides SSL Certificates for multinational companies and top universities throughout the world, allowing them to encrypt communications and commerce over the Internet and to increase trust and transactions. If you would like to discuss a business opportunities and strategic partnership please contact us at or call (888) 481 5388.

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