Wednesday, 22 June 2011

SSL Certificate - Thawte SSL Web Server

Thawte SSL Web Server
  •         Encryption 128/256-bit
  •         Support of Unlimited Sites Quantity On WebServer
  •         Quick Issuance & Strict Verify
  •         High Compatibility
  •         Industry Standard 1024-bit

Certificate Thawte Wildcard SSL provides support of unlimited sites quantity on one web server. The certificate is the economic secure solution for Hosting Company.

Encryption 128/256-bit

Encryption 128-bit is developed both for protection of web sites, and for Intranets and VPN-networks protection. Thawte SSL Web Server supports 128/256-bit encryption, thus 256-bit encryption is supported by browser Firefox, and also Internet Explorer 7 in operating system Windows Vista.

Support of Unlimited Sites Quantity on Web Server

If you represent large company or a hosting-provider Thawte SSL Web Server benefits are obvious. By means of one certificate it is possible to provide security for unlimited number of the sites located on one web server.

Quick Issuance & Strict Verify

Due to the revolutionary possibilities of IdAuthority the procedure for obtaining the SSL Certificate Thawte SSL Web Server includes a two-step strict verify on the authenticity. As a result, you get a high degree of confidence to the site from potential Clients.

High Compatibility

Compatibility with popular browsers is a key argument choosing this SSL-provider. Certificate Thawte SSL Web Server is supported by all basic browsers. This certificate is trusted by 99,3 % of all world Internet audience.

Industry Standard 1024-bit

Certificate Thawte SSL Web Server corresponds to the 1024-bit industry standard. In this connection the certificate is compatible to all basic browsers that is a key argument in the SSL-provider choosing.

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