Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Symantec Continues to Grow Market Share in SSL

Last week Netcraft released its monthly report on global SSL certificate issuance and market share. The report states that Symantec experienced another banner month of growth.  According to the August 2012 Netcraft report, Symantec saw the largest overall gain in net new SSL certificates. We continue to remain the overall SSL market leader with a market share of 38.4% (Netcraft, August 2012).  Our internal Symantec model actually reflects that Symantec has a much larger market share as many large Enterprises use our SSL certificates behind their firewalls where Netcraft is unable to explore.

Symantec also continues to dominate the Extended Validation (EV) SSL market segment, outpacing the competition in terms of growth while issuing 64.5% of all active EV SSL certificates today. EV SSL certificates offer the highest level of validation, and provide consumers the absolute highest level of trust in the websites they are sharing data with. It’s important to highlight that almost two-thirds of all websites worldwide that use EV SSL trust Symantec to validate their organizations and protect their data in transit over a HTTPS connection.

Thanks to all of our customers and partners who continue to prefer our Symantec, GeoTrust and Thawte branded certificates and our value proposition over the competition.

When you’re proud of your successes you should share it, and I am certainly proud of how Symantec continues to demonstrate leadership in the Certificate Authority industry through our market performance as well as through our actions. We signed the CA/B Forum Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (IPR), working collaboratively with other CA’s to drive innovation in SSL security; last month we were the first CA to publicly announce our commitment to the CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements; and we continue to provide significant value to our customers and to Internet users around the world.

Making sure that everyone’s safe on the web is certainly something to be proud of – being the world leader at it is just confirmation that we’re committed and driven to be the best at something that everyone benefits from.


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