Monday, 13 August 2012

Fire Fox Changes to Identify Website Uniqueness When Website Carry SSL Certificates

You know how Firefox adds that tiny favicon site-identifier within the address bar? Firefox is on the point of creating some changes to that to form websites safer for users.

Firefox has continually included the small lock favicon on the way left of the address bar to notice that an internet web site employing a secure association. This can be particularly necessary when it involves using websites that collect data like Credit cards numbers for purchases.

But within the past some websites set their favicon to be a padlock to trick users into thinking that they're employing a secure affiliation. That’s not cool and with the newest nightly update to Firefox, Mozilla is removing favicon from the address bar.

In their place are going to be three visual notifies that denote the safety of the net web site in question. The primary notifier takes on the form of a green padlock next to certificate owner’s organization name to symbolize a Web site that uses Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

The second is for Web sites that use SSL certificates without Extended Validation. It uses a gray padlock without the effective host name like below.

The acquainted globe icon can currently be used for internet sites that don’t use SSL certificates or have mixed content.

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