Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Symantec Wildcard SSL: Single SSL Certificate Securing Unlimited Sub Domains with High Encryption Strength

Selecting SSL Certificate for your online Multi Sub domains is always ask you to choose best SSL Certificate which reduce cost and time for managing same certificate. If you have multi sub domains and you want to secure all your multi sub domains with single SSL and at one place only then Symantec Wildcard SSL is one of the best option to securing unlimited sub domain which are sharing the same base domain name.

Symantec the Highest SSL Certificates Selling Company in the world offering Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL Certificate for securing unlimited sub domains on single SSL Platform. Symantec Wildcard SSL Certificate allows highest level of SSL encryption level for multi sub domains using sing SSL Certificate. For Example if you are choosing Symantec Wildcard SSL Certificate for Company ABC which is using multiple sub domains which end with ** then you can secure following types of sub domains like:
And many more same like above.

Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL is a premium Wildcard SSL Solution from Symantec which can reduce your cost, hassles and more importantly your time while still delivering the utmost security and trust the web can provide. Symantec Wildcard SSL makes you SSL management simple and easier.

You also get the dynamically date stamped Norton Secured Seal to display so your web site visitors will know instantly that your security is current. When a customer clicks on the True Site Smart Seal, the server automatically performs a domain look-up to verify they are visiting a legitimate site. The result is greater customer confidence with assurances, more e-commerce activity and a significant increase in online revenue.

Symantec Wildcard SSL Certificates Features and Benefits:
  • Secure UNLIMITED Sub Domains!
  • Full business validation
  • Enables 256-bit encryption
  • FREE lifetime, self-service reissues
  • Includes a True Site identity assurance Smart Seal - embedded organization name /date/time stamp
  • Compatible with 99.9%+ of all browsers
  • AICPA Web Trust compliant
  • Optional - Installation Support Available!
  • $125,000 Warranty

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