Monday, 21 May 2012

Secure Certificate Industry Records Largest Growth in 12 Months

Go Daddy is the world's largest provider of net-new SSL Certificates and is growing at the industry's fastest rate, according to Netcraft's latest Secure Server Survey.
Overall, growth in the SSL industry reflected the biggest gains in the last 12 months. Go Daddy was at the top of the list, having added more than 33 thousand SSL Certificates to its portfolio in the last month. Additionally, Go Daddy accounted for more than half the month's growth in the Domain Validated sector, giving Go Daddy 43 percent of DV Certificates market share.

"More and more people are using Go Daddy for SSL Certs because we offer the industry standard at a fraction of the cost ... and we service each certificate with our personalized 24/7 customer support," said Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman.

Large and small companies alike can secure their websites at Go Daddy. The vetting process is the same regardless of who issues the SSL certificate. Plus, Go Daddy SSL Certificates have an unlimited server license, meaning users only pay "per domain," not "per server" like others.

SSL certificates provide Web site security through server-to-browser encryption and keep company information, customer data and financial transactions secure. The visual reassurance customers and employers see with an SSL certificate - "https" prefix, a green address bar and padlock icon -- tells users they are working with a legitimate company and their information is safe.

Go Daddy is the largest hosting provider of secure Web sites in the world and the largest host of SSL enabled sites.


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