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SSL Certificate and Cyber Security

This article provides plenty of information about Cyber Security and usefulness of SSL certificates to protect your ecommerce website. Know about how to protect Cyber Security & Online transaction(payment) with SSL Certificates.

Since last 20 to 25 years world is rapidly changed to cyber world. Cyber made all things fast and closest. Living miles away, people can see, speak, and live as sitting on coffee table. Cyber innovation changed the growth of world beyond imagination in last 25 years. When a computer was invented it was a giant and now people use it as notebook. Technology is developing rapidly with unmeasured growth.

A rapid growth of cyber required security and safety. People started talking online, shopping online, banking online even getting married online. Let’s talk about cyber security, many online shoppers, sellers and bankers were abused by Hackers (Kind of thieves). These thieves were major problem on cyber invention. People started feeling unsecure started avoiding online dealings. Innovation is on growth and did not want to stop or running back to zero. Technology gurus found key to secure online data and this key is SSL certificate.

What are hackers and hacking?

Hackers are thieves who try to gain un-authorized access to your computer via network or program. Stealing data from computer or network is called hacking. Like as thieves Hackers do not knock your door. They get un-authorized access and start stealing your personal data. You realize once see loose of data, money and everything

Who invented SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are developed on protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) by Netscape in 1994. Netscape used encryption and decryption technology to make data unreadable for hackers. Incase hackers steal encrypted data then even he can not read get correct data.

Later technology established SSL certificate standards and authorized few organizations to work as SSL certificate issuer. They are called SSL CA – Certificate Authorities. Few of them are VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte, Equifax, Entrust, Global Sign, RapidSSL, Comodo. All these CAs are authorized for issuing Web Trust certificates. SSL technology started supporting up to 256 bit encryption to secure online data.


As online shopper, seller or banker trust only SSL certificate website. Real merchants always used SSL certificate securing customer credit card details and private information. Do not get abused with good web designs and words, as scammers always use such scamming ideas. Trust only ssl certificate secured websites.
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