Monday, 21 November 2011

Keep in mind of Your Vacation Take a trip E-Ticket Confirmation

How does Symantec know it's the week of Thanksgiving? Because as the most popular travel day of the year day quickly strategies, the day just before Christmas, there is an increase in bogus mail solution confirmations that lead to infections.

Here is what bogus air travel information looks like:

 If you examine the HTML development for this information properly, you will see a destructive weblink in the core tag:

This weblink markets to a known malware-hosting site in Italy which in the past put Virus.Maljava. Virus.Maljava is a recognition name used by Symantec to recognize destructive Coffee information that uses one or more weaknesses, one of many risks looking forward to an trusting person.

So before you click through messages during the trip hurry, here are some best methods to secure yourself from these types of destructive mail attacks:

    * Be particular about sites you give your mail to.
    * Before coming into personal or financial information online, ensure the website has SSL security (look for things like HTTPS, a 'lock', or a natural deal with bar).
    * Avoid hitting dubious links in mail or information as these may be links to spoofed sites. We recommend writing Web covers immediately into the technique rather than based upon links within your information.
    * Do not start trash information
    * Do not respond to trash. Generally the sender’s mail is cast, and responding may only result in more trash.
    * Do not start unfamiliar mail emotions. These emotions could give up your computer.
    * Always be sure that your os is up-to-date with the newest messages and use a complete security selection. For information on SSL Certificates choices, visit

source: symantec

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