Sunday, 4 September 2011

Thawte Builds Online Consumer Trust with New Standard for Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Many online consumers are very wary of website safety. They even refuse to make an e-commerce purchase.
For example, Gartner (News - Alert) reported that in 2006, 46 percent of online adults changed purchasing and online behavior because of security concerns, and 10 percent reduced their online spending by at least half. 

That led to almost $2 billion in e-commerce sales being lost. That’s clearly bad for web-based businesses.

To help remedy the situation, Web browser developers and SSL Certification Authorities (CAs) (including thawte) came up with a new standard for web site identity authentication.

It is called the Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate.

“This new standard is the most significant advancement for the World Wide Web’s secure backbone since SSL  Certificates were first introduced over a decade ago,” according to awhite paper on the subject from thawte, called, “Extended Validation SSL Certificates: A New Standard to Inspire Trust.”

The Extended Validation SSL standard helps remedy low SSL protection visibility and low assurance of a site’s identity, the white paper said.

EV features several user interface enhancements so consumers can identify an authenticated site immediately. One such feature is the green address bar. The address bar turns green when an EV-enabled client visits an EV authenticated site. In addition, a security status bar appears to the right of the address bar. The field shows the name of the organization responsible for the web site. If the EV Certificate is altered, an embedded hash will disable the certificate. The validity of every EV Certificate, too, is checked via the OCSP infrastructure and the Microsoft (News - Alert) Root Store.

Because Internet Explorer 7 clients on Windows XP may need prompting to update a local root store before getting the new EV interface benefits, thawte offers all EV SSL customers an EV Upgrader. The upgrader prompts an automatic update for IE7 on Windows XP clients. It triggers a normal Windows XP function and should be invisible to the end user. After clients visit a site with EV Upgrader from thawte, the EV interface conventions will be displayed whenever they visit a website protected by an EV SSL Certificate from thawte. 

thawte’s EV Certificate provides 256-, 128-, 56- or 40-bit encryption.

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