Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Protect Your Entire Site With The Same SSL Certificate

The Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate allows you to secure unlimited subdomains of your main domain with a single Certificate. For example, if you have the domain, any number of subdomains will be protected by this certificate:,, etc.. You will not have to buy separate Certificates for each new subdomain as is the case with standard certificates. This solution is ideal if you use SSL for multiple subdomains – only one certificate to install, and in many cases it is more cost-effective. Please note that all subdomains must be on the same Server.

Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificates may use an IP address to all secondary domain names. The same certificate can be used to secure all subdomains associated with a domain name, sharing one IP for all subsequent years. You can configure name based virtual hosts instead of machines.

Reasons for Choosing the Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate:

• Encryption strength from 40 to 256 bits, according to the ability of browsers clients. 
• Issue in 2 business days, depending on the fulfillment of the requirements by the applicant.
• The ubiquity is the highest available in the browser market.
• High standards of validation, through the intervention of a trusted third party such as Thawte, which guarantees the authenticity of your company and website ownership for Certification. 
• Rigorous Verification and authentication procedures integrated (domain name and identity certificate validation). The prestige of Certificate Authority (CA) authorization. 
• Protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL), maintaining privacy of messages exchanged between the web Server and its users. 
• Recertification without limit during the lifetime of the Certificate.
• High-strength encryption technology and high reliability of the site signature to protect your transactions.

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