Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Extended Validation SSL Certificates deliver a new level of trust to your web site visitors. Starting with Microsoft? Internet Explorer 7, the address bar will turn green confirming your site identity as verified by a Certification Authority (CA) according to the most rigorous industry guidelines established by the CA/Browser Forum.

One Extended Validation Certificate works for one domain or subdomain name. For multiple subdomains please consider using Wildcard SSL certificate. E.g. if you have X-Payments installed on a subdomain (e.g. while X-Cart is located on the main domain (e.g. and you want to enable SSL for both you should buy two Extended Validation Certificates or on Wildcard SSL certificate.

Over 1/3 of your site's visitor’s use a browser made for EV SSL, including IE 7, Firefox 3, and Opera 9.5. Their browsers tell them that you are trustworthy through the presence of a green bar near the address. With one out of three people relying on the green bar to appear in their browser, what would you rather show them about how trustworthy an merchant you are?

The green address bar builds trust and makes a difference between purchasing and abandonment during checkout. People are expecting their browsers to tell them if it's safe to do business with you, and an EV SSL certificate tells them loud and clear. To enable all your visitors to fully trust you an EV SSL certificate is now required for over 1/3 of your visitors and growing.

Key features

·         Recognized by all popular browsers, 99.3%
·         A great price so you make more sales and fit more in your budget. EV Starts at $359 per year.
·         128/256 bit SSL encryption
·         Dedicated account manager + Email and Web support
·         Free priority phone support to make installation easy.
·         30 day refund policy
·         $250,000 warranty
·         Unlimited re-issuance


GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV$149.00/yr.
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GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV Multi 
More Info
Secure Site Pro with EV
More Info
Secure Site with EV
More Info
SSL Web Server with EV
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Why do I need Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

·         Extended Validation SSL is the next generation of SSL Certificate - stringent verification processes developed by the CA/Browser Forum ensure your web site is visibly more trusted than with other types of SSL Certificates.

·         Maximize your sales by gaining trust - the public is being educated to look for the "Green Address Bar" as a sign of trustworthiness. Make sure you gain competitive edge by displaying this essential trust indicator.

·         Free, patent pending EV Corner of Trust logo - confirming your EV status throughout the web site (not just on secure pages). This exclusive TrustLogo allows web site visitors to obtain your credentials with a simple mouse over (not a click diverting your customer to another web site).

Why Choose a Longer Certificate Term?

·         Significant savings vs. shorter-term certificates
·         Reduced risk of a trust-eroding expired certificate on your site
·         One less thing to do or worry about next year

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